TD ABC: Increasing profitability by using existing information

High margin customers or the most likeable customers aren’t usually your most profitable customers. But who are? Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing (TD ABC) will give you the necessary insight. By using TD ABC you will be able to reward your most profitable customers and improve on your results.

Make fact-based decisions and utilize opportunities 

TD ABC enables you to allot your operating costs per client more efficiently. Thus giving you insight into the true costs of serving a particular customer. Based on these facts you will make better decisions and explore new opportunities. 

Why choose TD ABC?  

  • Comprehensible! Produce insight in the true costs and production capacity per costumers.
  • Accessible. Easy-to-use software which does not require any technical knowledge.
  • Profitable! Fact-based decisionmaking enables you to reward and utilize the most profitable clients  

Start using TD ABC today by contacting In Summa!   

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